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Ryan Goldman

I\'m Ryan, i\'m 17 years young, and I currently live in Phoenix, Arizona. I was born in Ohio and the only thing I miss besides my old friends is the rain and snow; we don\'t get any snow in Phoenix and it barely rains. I would appreciate credit when using my photos but its not required. Please do <b>not</b> sell my photos though. I bought my camera with money saved; it gives me a greater feeling knowing I had to work for something I wanted as badly as I did, rather than getting it handed to me on a silver platter (though that would have been nice, too!) I really hope to one day be able to answer \"Photography,\" when people ask, \"So what do you do for a living?\" Another random note, I really wish that one day I could live in a studio apartment, loft, or a industrialized townhouse. I like to paint sometimes and make abstract sculptures (though I never get to do either of those as frequently as I would like) and I would love to live somewhere I could display it all and work on it. Feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, etc. Oh and don\'t be afraid to comment my photos with some constructive criticism; its always appreciated, and will help me produce better pictures for your all\'s enjoyment :]

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