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Photographer-wannabe. Likes: art, artworks, b/w photos, beach, beautiful people, beauty and the beast, blogger, blunt fringes, calvin and hobbes, cameras, candles, chocolate, cooking, craftster, dancing, death cab for cutie, design*sponge, diy, dreams, edie sedgewick, fight club, gemma ward, green day, guerilla art, honey, i am sam, ice cream, ikea, indie music, infernal affairs, john cusack, kate moss, kenneth chan, macaroni and cheese, makeup, mates of state, mdwav, my girl, nada surf, paintings, peaches, photography, photoshop, pizza, polaroids, pools, pop, postcards, rain, rnb, salad, screenprinting, self portraits, shoes, shopping, spongebob squarepants, stencilling, strawberries, sun, sushi, swimming, takeshi kaneshiro, tarot, tea, the postal service, the shins, thrift stores, thrift-shopping, tony leung, vintage clothes

singapore, singapore
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