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I, Sudhir, would like to introduce myself as a blend of both creativity and managerial skills, without compromising on the importance of both. I have 10 plus years of experience in the field of graphic designing. The last 3 years have been spent more in a leadership position as the Head of Design Studio, where I supervise the creative output of 15 persons. My junior colleagues at the design studio refer to me as a benevolent Hitler. As far as creatives are concerned, I am the whetstone and the final authority. It is a position of great responsibility which I have executed fairly well.Execution, fabrication and delivery are my strong points. I have handled jobs right from the ubiquitous front - back leaflet design to the intricacies of designing web pages. In between, my creative abilities have been put to good use in various media like, brochure designing/ calendar / exhibitions / multimedia / printing and photography. I have even executed start to finish jobs like exhibition design to event management. My good knowledge of pre-press/ press/post press techniques has also stood me in good stead. My biggest virtue is my belief that the best creativity should be delivered in the least possible time.

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