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Michele Giovannini

Melt ADV Visual Communication Agency offers products always up to the market?s requests, thanks to the alchemy between the most refined creativity and a workgroup always tending to search for new experimentations and trends. Our communication?s offer is developed looking to future and the new technologies, and is always open to changes and reflections. By the innovation of its products, always developed coherently with the client?s guidelines, the maximum effort is taken for making the client?s exigencies satisfied in the best and most complete way. Melt ADV has been founded and is active since September 2004. Before this date, any work has been developed as Freelancer. Since September 2004, Melt ADV can count on two professional figures in continue co-operation, each of which is specialized in a particular communication field. The very good synergy between Melt ADV?s souls allows the reaching of a high communication standard, as it is perfectly organised. The internal division of the works is effectuated facing the specific knowledge, always counting on a good knowledge of any co-operator of all Pc programs that may be useful for the satisfaction of the client?s requests. Works developed by Melt ADV are mostly linked with the discography and video clip?s world. Frequents are products realised for music groups, both on art direction and web editing and photography. In this way we can cover almost any exigency of people who asks for a valid, strong and of high communication impact product. Anyway, Melt ADV isn?t only a music?s communication agency, but it also works on extremely diversified fields, such as supporting meetings and realization of events of great resonance in Italy, such as the 2003?s ?Diabetes? World Day?, in which we realized the ?below the line? for Fasi. Our Agency represents an important step for professionals who work with us and, in the same time, it is a great point of departure for creation and evolution of communication knowledge able to innovate this sector, pointing straight the core of any problem, giving to our clients a secure support even in emergency, granting in any moment professionalism, abilities and care of clients.

Roma, RM, uk
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