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A young, hip Mom of one who loves her Canon Rebel. Amateur photographer; hobbyist. Loves photographing people of color; interested in building a nice catalog of positive multi-cultural imagery for use in business presentations, advertisements, and popular media. Often when I'm building PowerPoint presentations, I'm looking for stock clips that reflect today's diverse workplace and society and find they are either too expensive or too staged. So I'm hoping to contribute some family, general, and business images that can be useful in a variety of formats. Hoping to contribute to the positive view of multi-cultural people around the world. Please email me for any public use of my photos. Just explain what you are going to do with the photo (be brief). I might also require a sample of your work for my catalog and records. If you have requests or feedback, I'd love to hear from you. Tell me what you think of my photography, imagery, and perhaps anything you'd like to use for your next layout! Email me:

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