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Uruj Kohari

Welcome to my page! I am a graphics designer and an amateur photographer. I have always used royalty-free images from the Internet and this place shall be the one from where I shall give back to the community what I have taken. From not-so-great photos to really-great photos; that's the path I wish to take. Most of the photographs that I have here can be used in your work without any worry. You are free to circulate the same as much as you wish. However, please do credit me in case those photos/graphics have really saved you or gained appreciation for you. In case you use the images on a website, please do send me the link. I would be happy to see my work in action :) Also, please comment on the photos so that I can get a proper feedback and improve the quality, as well as, continue to upload many more images/graphics. All the best guys!!

Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, uk
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