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Rainer SXC Schmidt

Hobby- Photographer since 'ages' , being in the IT- industry since > 20 yrs, guess what, now turning to the digital age. Still loving my Minolta XD5, which belongs to my life since 1980 ..... (and no fault, but 1 battery replacement) Feel free to use my photos for any lawfull purpose, except copy-publishing on the net. If you would like to use my photographs for any commercial ( non-profit included) purpose or would like to put them on the web, pls. get in contact with me first. In any case of 'outside' use, pls. add a crediting comment: 'Photo R. Schmidt, Kronberg/ Germany,' Some pictures are available with higher resolution. Just ask. I would appreciate your comments and (if you download any photo of mine) a small note stating what you will use the download for. Thanks in advance. Pls. check also my (not nessarily the same) pictures at

Kronberg, Hessen, gp
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