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Lexa Todd

My name stands for Your Hair Is Good To Eat. It\'s possible you recognize the name from another site -- it\'s probably me, what are the chances of someone else using a name that silly? I mostly go by "numol" these days, but previous aliases include meatwad, aphid, ACS-001, Lexa Todd, Andrea Todd, Ashley Kehl, and sometimes the full \"your hair is good to eat\" if the site allowed names that long. Photography is just a hobby of mine and I don\'t know much about it, but I do have alot of fun doing it. I\'m also big on sharing art with others free of charge, one of the reasons this site\'s so awesome. I do not want you using my stuff to promote any sort of bigotry against oppressed groups -- yes, this includes bigoted "humor" and the use of stereotypes, also i apologize for anything bigoted i've done here myself [i think my old profile pic might've been, and i'm sorry for that]. call-outs on anything bullshitty i've done are welcome. I would really appreciate if you\'d send me a link to what you\'ve used my stuff for, i am curious to see what you come up with. (also, i apologize for using the term "feminazi" in an earlier version of my profile -- i now realize it's disgusting and minimizing to use the names of genocidal groups as hyperbole.)

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