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stephan fleet

Dear community. Today I tried to upload more texture photos. I can clearly see that they are popular and needed. They were all rejected due to "not having a clear focal point." Which is ridiculous. The fact is that I am going out of my way to upload these freebies. It's a good share of work... wasted. Please write in and request a better screening process from sxc. I've given them 7 days to respond to me or I WIL L PULL EVERYTHING. I've had over 100,000 cumulative downloads. So I really wish they'd trust my screening judgement over whoever is clearly doing a bad job. It's that or, with their recent istock acquisition, they are purposely limiting the free stock. Which would be Ăźberlame. I'm going to think up some alternative way to distribute my free product, FREE, Fast and friendly in the mean time.

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