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Custom White Balance

posted by SteveFE, Jan 14, 2007 12:23 AM — 10 comments

Well it tells you how to do this in the manual, but who ever reads them? ;)

Why do you need to use Custom White Balance? Because Canons, and most other makes and models do a terrible job with Auto White Balance in anything other than broad daylight. If you're shooting at a gig, or indoors without flash, or just want perfect colour rendition for a product shot, you need to know CWB. The good news is it's easy, and a few little tricks mean you don't even have to spend money!

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New uploads

posted by SteveFE, Dec 11, 2005 12:03 AM — 6 comments

Haven't uploaded much recently, due to the site redesign and downtime, and OK, plain sheer laziness. My latest four are among the finest I've done though, so hope yez like them!

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SteveFE's intro
If anybody fetches up reading this, you'll have noticed I no longer have any pics left online here at all.

Two reasons for this:

1. SXC used to be a creative community, and a good place to learn. Somewhere along the line the community aspect and the forums got dropped.

2. The change in URL from sxc to freeimages is in my opinion ill-advised. Calling the site Free Images is just too close to saying "no copyrights need be respected, just pirate away to your heart's content." I'm no innocent about the way photos online get used, I know you post a good photo and it'll be everywhere without you having much control, but all the same I don't like the idea of my stuff being considered "free images".

If you'd like to use any that you remember, you can contact me at Flickr under SteveFE, any pics that were available on sxc are most likely uploaded to Flickr too, or download a lot of the same ones at higher resolution at istockphoto, again under SteveFE.

See ya SXC, I learnt a lot here and had retained a bit of fondness for the old place but the time has come to go.

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