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FreeImages.com is a free pictures website, offering a diverse collection of high-quality images, including photos, vectors, clipart, icons, and PSD files. It caters to a wide audience, serving designers, editors, creative professionals, and anyone in need of visual assets at no cost.

A free photos website...

We started as a leading collection of High-Quality, no-cost photographs FreeImages.com stands as a prominent online repository, boasting an extensive collection of high-resolution, cost-free photographs. The platform provides access to a diverse library of stunning images, catering to the needs of designers, editors, and creative professionals.

...and now also free Illustrations

FreeImages.com enriched by the merger with illustration sites. In a transformative development, FreeImages.com has significantly broadened its offerings through a merger with six leading illustration websites: Clipart.me, Findicons, Vector.me, 365PSD, ClipartLogo and VectorHQ. This strategic union has infused our platform with an expansive collection of vectors, clipart, icons, and PSD files. These valuable resources are now readily available to elevate your creative projects without cost.

Contributors: share your images!

Participate in the growth of FreeImages.com We extend an invitation to photographers and artists of exceptional talent to contribute to our expanding repository. This collaborative endeavor seeks to broaden the platform's visual repertoire. Aspiring contributors are encouraged to join FreeImages.com and share their artistic vision.


In February 2001, the ancestor of the current FreeImages platform, Stock.xchng, was founded. It was a website designed for users to share and download high-resolution photos, all free of charge. This concept encouraged contributors to showcase their work, boosting their careers. Stock.xchng served as a hybrid of a picture library and a social networking site. Registered users could create profiles, upload photos, write blogs, and engage in forums for discussions and critiques. By 2009, Stock.xchng had over 2.5 million registered users -with one million from the USA- hosting 400,000+ photos. In 2014, Stock.xchng was rebranded as FreeImages. Fast forward to 2021, FreeImages underwent significant enhancements, expanding content. In 2022, following a merger with six illustration websites, it added a diverse range of illustrations, including clipart, vectors, icons, and PSD files, enriching its offerings. Nowadays, FreeImages remains a platform where users freely share images, available in 15 languages, attracting millions of global visitors.