Here’s another great freebie courtesy of our friends at Vecteezy. This time it’s all about social media. You know, that big chunk of our daily lives?! These 35 flat social media icons are ready to serve your demanding online needs, featuring the laptop, the smartphone, the cloud, the desktop, the goggles (no, I didn’t mean , u"’": ugoogle-s’), the webcam, the feeder, the phone, the chat, the tweeting birdie, the smiley face, the network, the stars, and many more. Don’t miss the cameo appearances from the Like and... the Dislike buttons. All wrapped up in shades of pink, blue, green, orange and black. As expected, these beauties come in various formats and can be used for your personal and/or commercial purposes. Now, take a good look at them. They’ll add that extra smart touch to your social media presence. Just like those red velvet ribbons to a Christmas tree. Happy downloading!

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