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You are free to upload high-quality images that you desire as long as they comply with our guidelines (it is important that you read them). To help you gain visibility and ensure your images are used, based on trends and searches made by our users, we have listed below some content recommendations that can serve as a guide for you:

  • Backgrounds

    From abstract patterns and natural textures to vibrant colors and minimalist designs. Tags: background, wallpaper, texture, pattern, abstract, colors, minimalistic.

  • Seasons

    Capture the beauty of each season with images that represent their unique characteristics and associated activities. From blooming flowers in spring to sunny beaches in summer, colorful foliage in autumn, and serene snowy landscapes in winter. Tags: seasons, spring, summer, autumn, fall, winter, nature, landscapes, activities, weather, outdoors.

  • Technology and new devices

    Explore the ever-evolving world of technology by capturing images of cutting-edge devices and innovations. Showcase the sleek design, advanced features, and real-life usage scenarios of smartphones, laptops, wearables, smart home gadgets, and other remarkable technological advancements. Tags: technology, devices, gadgets, electronics, innovation, futuristic, smartphones, laptops, wearables, smart home, gadgets, digital.

  • Pride

    Celebrate diversity and show support and inclusion through the LGBT+ community, rainbow flags, parades, and celebration moments. Tags: pride, LGBT, diversity, equality, gay, gay-pride, equality, rainbow, rainbow-flag, celebration, inclusivity.v

  • Family

    Celebrate family love and the importance of family bonds with images that represent the relationship between parents and children. Tags: family, mothers-day, mother, mom, father, fathers-day, parents.

  • Environment

    Highlight the importance of caring for our planet and promoting sustainability. Capture images of natural landscapes, conservation efforts, renewable energy, and people committed to the environment. Tags: environment, sustainability, earth, green, ecology, nature, conservation, eco-friendly, recycling.

  • Celebrations

    Capture the joy, decorations, cultural customs, delicious food, and heartfelt moments that make celebrations memorable. For example: Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Easter, Valentine’s Day, etc. Tags: celebrations, festive occasions, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, traditions, joy, decorations, cultural customs.

  • Yoga and wellness

    Promote well-being and mental health with images of yoga and related activities. Capture moments of relaxation, meditation, yoga poses, and people enjoying inner peace. Tags: yoga, health, fitness, wellness, meditation, relaxation, exercise, mindfulness, balance.

  • Education

    Prepare students for the academic year with images related to going back to school. Include school supplies, students in the classroom, backpacks, books, and academic activities. Tags: back to school, academic, school supplies, learning, education, students, classroom, knowledge, studying.

  • Country symbols and national holidays

    From national flags to iconic landmarks and traditional costumes, these symbols represent the identity and values of each nation. Additionally, highlight important national holidays and commemorate historical events that hold special meaning for countries and their citizens. Tags: country symbols, national holidays, national pride, cultural heritage, national flags, traditional costumes, historical events, patriotism, cultural diversity.

  • World festivities

    Celebrate cultural diversity by capturing images of traditional festivities and festive events from around the world. Highlight ceremonies, celebrations, traditional attire, decorations, and activities associated with unique cultural festivals. Tags: festivities, celebrations, traditions, culture, festivals, ceremonies.