Email Preferences

  1. How can I update my email preferences?

  2. Searching

  3. Is membership free?

  4. How long does the account activation process take?

  5. I didn't receive my account activation code or password.

  6. I can't log in / I forgot my password, what should I do?

  7. How can I change my username / password?

  8. Download / Image use related questions

  9. Are these images really free?

  10. Can I use these images for...

  11. Can I get permission to use image #xxxxx?

  12. How can I search for a photo by its number of file name?

  13. How can I contact an artist?

  14. I contacted a user but I got no reply. Can you help?

  15. I can't find a photo I downloaded or not allowed to view it again.

  16. When I try to download a file I get a webpage.

  17. Do you have a lightbox / favourites feature?

  18. Contributor questions

  19. How long does it take to approve my images?

  20. Why did my images get rejected?

  21. Can I sell my images on freeimages?