1. Requirements
    1. Formats: JPG, PNG or JPEG
    2. Size: max. 32MB
    3. Dimensions:

      1. Long edge: min. 1920 px
      2. Resolution: min. 4 megapixels (4.000.000 px)

    IMPORTANT ! Les images que tu télécharges seront d'abord soumises à une révision manuelle par un membre de notre équipe, qui les approuvera ou les rejettera en tenant compte de nos directives.

  2. We do not accept:
    1. Photos with any text, timestamp or watermark
    2. Photos with frames
    3. Photos containing copyrighted material, such as paintings, advertisements, buildings, CD/book covers, logos, etc.
    4. Nudity, adult and/or violent content
    5. AI generated content
  3. Ajustements d'image
    1. Noise: please upload noise-free photos or remove it with proper software.
    2. Brightness: make sure your photos are properly lit and that they are not over or underexposed.
    3. Rotation: photos should not be upside down or rotated in the wrong direction.
    4. Composition: distracting elements and unnecessary parts should be removed from the pictures, as well as frames, texts, dates and watermarks.
    5. Copyright: we can’t accept photos that contain logos and trademarks (except for some special cases where it can't be avoided).


  1. Title: approx. 15-30 characters

    Titles are short and accurate descriptions of what's on the image. Try avoiding artistic titles as they often include words that are unrelated to the real subject of the image. eg: Instead of naming your picture “Laura drinking tea”, name it “Young woman drinking tea” - this will help users find your picture more easily.

  2. Description: max. 200 characters

    This is a brief description of your picture where you can go into more detail about the subject. Ideally it should be one or two sentences long, but we leave this up to you.

  3. Mots-clés

    Proper tagging is the most important part of describing your images. Most people use the search function to find images and search engines rely on tags. To select the best keywords, try thinking: if you wanted to find your own image, what would you be searching? Are there similar words or expressions that describe the same thing?

    1. Please provide at least 5 and no more than 20 tags that accurately represent your image. Tags can be either a single word (eg. London) or multiple words (eg. Tower Bridge). They should be separated by commas (eg. London,Tower Bridge).

    2. Tags can be either a single word (eg. London) or multiple words (eg. Tower Bridge). They should be separated by commas (eg. London,Tower Bridge).


  1. Legal: Copyright/trademark issues

    This file includes content that may be subject to copyright or trademark protection. Use of this file may create risk of third-party infringement so we cannot accept it.

  2. Legal: Identifiable personal information

    File containing identifiable personal information such as names, signatures, license plates, phone numbers, or identification numbers. Due to concerns relating to privacy and related property rights, we cannot accept this file.

  3. Retouching required: Border / watermark

    File including borders or watermarks that need to be removed before it can be resubmitted reon_review.

  4. Technical: Rotate

    Rotate the file to display correct orientation.

  5. Release: Unreleased people/property

    The file contains recognizable people/property that are not released.

  6. Metadata: English

    All metadata must be provided in English.

  7. Metadata: Insufficient metadata

    The metadata for this submission is insufficient or missing information.

  8. Legal: Nudity/explicit

    While we do accept images of artistic partial and full nudity, we reserve the right to reject any images we feel are cliched, overtly stereotypical, too explicit, verge on the pornographic, obscene, or represent gender roles in a sexist manner. We may also reject images in these categories that we feel are not commercially viable.

  9. Legal: Art

    Please provide a full description for the work of art featured in this image. Include the artist, date of creation, location, etc. Works of art created by someone other than yourself must be free of copyright protection to be considered.