Android Grid Psd (Template for Android L ) free icon by

<p>Android L icon have a lot of changes: New Grid、New Size. I Think the Biggest change is Android has icon grid. <br />I create new psd with xxHdpi (1920X1080) sizes of icons for action bar, and it is also the grid for Launcher icons. </p> <p>Follow me on <a href="" rel="nofollow">Twitter</a></p> <p>Android L 的这次大的更新图标是最明显的,并且有了自己的栅格系统,所以我做了个PSD模板,里面包含了 Actionbar 的图标尺寸样式,及其栅格. <br />如有问题请与我联系,转载请说明出处.</p> <p><a href="" rel="nofollow">知乎</a> | <a href="" rel="nofollow"> 微博</a></p>