Application Icon Set (PNG, PSD, CSH) free icon by

<p>The Application Icon Set consists of 120 pixel-perfect icons in three different sizes (16px, 32px and 64px) and it comes in three formats (PSD, PNG and CSH). The icons are vector shapes so you can scale them to any size.</p> <p>The Application Icon Set...</p> <p>- includes .PNG files for all 120 icons in each size, 16x16, 32x32 and 64x64 pixels</p> <p>- includes 3 Photoshop .PSD files with all 120 Vector Shapes for each size, and one PSD file with the preview for this icon set</p> <p>- includes a Custom Shape (.CSH) file with all 120 icons</p> <p>- has all icons as vector shapes and they are 100% scalable to any size if needed (when resizing these icons, keep the pixel aspect ratio to keep these icons pixel perfect)</p> <p>REMEMBER: Since this is such a big freebie, you will need to link back to this site or post any time you decide to use these icons.</p> <p>You may NOT host these icons elsewhere, you also may NOT sell them or release them elsewhere.</p>