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11 free human cartoon stock PSD templates and mockups

human cartoon Photoshop files for personal and commercial use

Vector Woman Characters Set 1
Free PSD set containing 8 vector woman characters. That’s a huge vector woman set that will come in handy for a wide range of uses starting from business to travel and sport. Vector woman characters are always needed for various projects. You know that using vector characters is a sure way to animate your project and make it welcome and friendly. And with that great amount of vector woman characters in your hands, you are loaded with graphics for any project. We’ve got vector woman for business, sport, spa, travel, medicine and technology. Be sure that your clients, friends and partners will love our set! One of the best places for cartoon characters is ToonCharacters. They have awesome sets with lots of poses and moods. Take a look at their female cartoon characters, they will surely liven up your artworks! Do not limit the uses of our vector woman set only to website templates. We have built the PSD file with smart objects based on the vector version of the characters. So you can take any of the vector woman characters and resize as much as you need. You will not lose quality or effects. That’s why you could use the vector woman characters to print projects too. Be sure that these cartoon characters will look great printed on paper! Our vector woman set contains: Sport woman character. Geek girl vector. Female doctor character. Housewife vector woman. Waitress vector character. Yoga girl vector. Businesswoman character. Young girl tanning in the sun. The vector woman set is designed by Vector Characters. These guys are really good at creating cartoon characters. We will keep posting their free vector characters as these graphics are a must have for any designer! Vector Woman Characters Set Preview Fully Layered Vector Woman Characters Set Resolution: 1277x989pxFile Format: PSDFile Size: 2.37 MBNumber of Items in Set: 8Author: Free PSD Files Note that if you want to spread the word about our freebie, you need to link back to this post. Links to download page or download archive are not allowed.
Robot Vector Character Set 1
Robot vector character set featuring 6 awesome types of robots - one wheeled robot, flying robot, vintage, high-tech, baby robot and classic robot. Download this massive set of robots now for free! Robot vector characters made by the creative team of That’s a wonderful set of 6 free robot characters that could come in handy anytime. Use these robots both on web and print projects, each robot is made in vectors, so you could rescale them to billboard proportions for example with no worries. Here’s good idea of how these robots could be useful for your projects. If you are building a website for example, you can take one of these robots and put it in a slider carousel. Then, add some text and a call to action button, and you are pretty much ready to go. Of course, you have 6 robot vectors to experiment with, so you could come up with much creative ideas than that. This free psd file is made of vector objects only. These objects are linked to Adobe Illustrator, so if you need to make any changes, you’d need that vector editor. Otherwise, if you only plan to rescale up or down, you won’t need anything else than Adobe Photoshop. Take a look at these stock robot characters. They are really useful, as there are more than 100 poses included in each set. And the best thing about them is that they don’t cost a tidy sum of money, prices start as low as $8! This free psd set contains 6 types of robots: One wheeled robot; Flying robot; Classic robot; Baby robot; Vintage robot; High-tech robot. Robot Vector Character Set Resolution: 1229x1260pxFile Format: PSDFile Size: 1.41 MBNumber of Items in Set: 6Author: Free PSD Files Note that if you want to spread the word about our freebie, you need to link back to this post. Links to download page or download archive are not allowed.
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