Free Fast Cat Stock Photo

pixelbase @pixelbase

Description: This Cheetah slowed down for a moment to take a look at an interesting subject: A human with a camera, and external flash (me). Since I was tracking him with my camera, that's all it took to make this shot possible. | | Shot RAW (digital negative) with a Canon EOS Digtal Rebel XTi, and Canon 70-200mm f/4.0L USM lens, a B&W UV MRC (Multi Reflective Coated) Filter attached. | | My camera and lens were mounted on a Giottos MM 9180 5-Section Pro Monopod with a Giottos MH-1301 Pro Series II Ballhead with a MH-656 Arca Swiss Quick Release attached, using a remote shutter release, with MLU (mirror lock up) to avoid camera shake. | | Camera Settings: Aperture Priority, F-Stop: f/4.0, ISO Speed Rating: 100, Focal Length: 188.0mm (the upper limit of my lens), Shutter Speed: 1/100 sec. | | Flash (Sigma EF 500 DG ST Electronic Flash, with a Harbor Digital Design Ultimate Black Box and Diffuser Dome) was fired. | | Image was manipulated using Adobe Photoshop CS2 with the Camera Raw v4.2 plug-in

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