Royalty Free Education-Related Icons premium stock clip art




Illustrations of icons representing education are depicted. There are 25 icons, and each of these holds a single image in a colored circle. The images include: a graduation cap, a protractor and compass, a backpack, a telescope, a trophy, a beaker, a ribbon, a school bus, a basketball, an atom, a piece of paper, an apple, a milk box, a bell, an open book, a closed book, a microscope, a stopwatch, a scissors, a globe, an alarm clock, a light bulb, blank paper, an abacus and a violin. The icons are colored blue, red, yellow, black and white. ***You can buy whole icons bundle with more than 70% discount:***Modern flat icons vector collection with long shadow in stylish colors on high school and colledge education with teaching and learning symbol and object. Isolated in colored circle on white background.