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<p><img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-1564" alt="admin template Free Admin Template PSD" src="" width="990" height="800" title="Free Admin Template PSD"/></p> <p>Developing a successful web-based application is more than just designing beautiful buttons and backgrounds. You have to make sure that users are able to use the application with ease and perform the required tasks.</p> <p>The functional design of an application must be intuitive, simple, yet comprehensive. This should give users all possible options they want, without expecting them to go through lengthy application help content.</p> <p>The importance of good visual and functional design becomes all the more pronounced while developing content management systems (CMS), which are extensively and predominantly used by non-technical people. After all, what good is a CMS if you have to learn to operate it the way you would have to learn to develop and make changes to an old-fashioned website.</p> <p>Today’s freebie is a WordPress-style admin template. The admin template provides you a dashboard that you can use to manage and run your web application. The easier it is to use an admin template, the better experience it offers its users.</p> <p>Since this is a <a href="">PSD file</a>, you can play with the design freely to make any changes to it. I have used WordPress layout and logo to help designers and developers quickly understand the template. Of course, for your admin template, you can design your own interface, <a title="Icons" href="">icons</a> and the layout. But using these colors, <a title="Objects" href="">objects</a>, and layout will save you a lot of time.</p> <p>You may also like to take a look at <a title="Admin Panel Template" href="">admin panel template</a> or <a title="Admin Bar" href="">admin bar</a> that I shared with you a while back.</p> <p>Have fun designing your own <a title="Mobile Dashboard Template" href="">application dashboard</a>.</p>