<p>Hello designers! In our freebie of the day, as our continuation of <a href="">email templates</a>, we’ll be bringing you a free email template in PSD that you can use as newspaper templates or as regular email and hopefully, you will never have to rely on ordinary looking, dull emails to send to big mailing lists for your marketing and sales purposes.</p> <p>This bold, classy looking green and black email template will look great for all your <a href="">email template design</a> purposes and you can start designing with it right away! The colours have been chosen to keep design and function both in mind, so the email will just pop out of everyone’s mailbox and really make a lasting impression on your users. Since this is designed in an email format, you can use it as a newsletter template and you can use it to guide, inform, and advertise people about whatever you want with its simple and easy to read typography, bold, bright colours and invisible grids to segment and compartmentalize your information so it’s easy to navigate.</p> <p>Don’t bore people with dull newsletters; they’ve seen plenty of those already! Instead, invite them with this exciting free email template. Download now!</p>

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