Free Social Media Icons free PSD by

Hello designers! Everyone loves their favourite social media and to make sure that you aren’t missing out on anything from your social news feed, today, we are bringing you an awesome set of free social media icons. These colourful, round shaped free vector social media icons will brighten up your day and as the holiday season starts, they will add a sparkle of colour and vibrancy in your designs. Almost all of the social media you can think of have been covered in these social media icons and they are absolutely free so you can download them right away and use them as your favourite buttons on websites, blogs, other and web pages or as social media badges. Given the increasing use of social media over a multitude of different platforms, it is no wonder then that people are so reliant on this media as their most favoured form of interaction with the rest of the world. So, download these free social media icons and see how people respond to your designs with these cute little icons. They are so bright and chirpy, they certainly made our day!