Freebers: Free Web Template free PSD by

Designers are crawling all over the cyber space with their design resources and websites! So, how do you pick the right one among the millions of others? Well, for starters, through this website template! This free web template gives design freebies for the other millions of designers who are in search of professional, good quality design freebies. With this website template, you’ll be able to present your freebies in an attractive layout categorizing the design freebies in popular, new and random tabs. Users will also be able to search for a particular PSD, vector, icon or template through a search bar at the top, or browse through the entire collection by clicking show all. Think of this free web template as a search engine for designers who wish to be updated on the latest trends in web design and have a handy resource from which to download them. Download this free website template today! Fonts: Museo Slab