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<p>Hello designers! Today we’ll be talking about an online rich text editor and sharing with you a great resource that will be valuable to you all. Whether you want the <a href="">text editor</a> for a web application, a blog or a site, they will enhance the user experience and take it top-notch. Online text editors are basically web components that allow users to edit and enter text within a web browser. They are also called web-based WYSIWYG (, u"’": uwhat you see is what you get’) editors.</p> <p>With this resource, users can choose a variety of different ways to input and edit their text, in terms of font, size, colour, style, alignment, and with the one we are sharing with you, you’ll also be able to tag in a location, add an external link, attach a picture and then send it!</p> <p>With all these features, we think today. Since this is a simple rich text editor, it won’t confuse or muddle the users when they want to share their input, as most online text editors now come with a lot of <a href="">buttons</a> and features, when in fact, you only need a few. Format your text online with this great freebie today!</p>