<p>When the data is large, its visual representation can be very useful. You cannot expect every user of the data or report to go through each and every figure or number and draw inferences themselves. That’s why we present the information through images and graphs.</p> <p>Graphs are very popular visual devices for representation of data, information and knowledge. Graphs can be used to portray raw data or indicate trends. This is much easier for a human eye to understand an image rather than a huge aggregation of disorganized numbers. Graphs are of many types, such as, line graphs, area graphs, pie charts, bar graphs etc.</p> <p>Today I’m going to post a psd of line and area graphs. Everything about this graph is customizable - be it the color scheme or the values or the very nature of graph (line or area). You can represent any variables and their values by making small changes to the featured psd. Such graphs are frequently used in presentations and executive summaries.</p>

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