Gone are the days when the only choice you had at the computer shop was a big-size desktop or tower-based machine accompanied with a CD to install Windows OS. Consumers today are faced with a growing number of digital devices and brands. Companies producing computing and mobile devices are locked in stiff competition to sway public opinion and influence consumer buying behavior. App developers and designers must take stock of the new realities if they want to stay relevant in this market. Nowadays a lot of effort is spent developing user interfaces that can respond to various digital platforms on sale. A website or an app that can work well on one platform, say PC, but loses all its usability and design attractiveness on other platforms cannot succeed in this market. The freebie I’m sharing today is a responsive website navigation. I have placed the website navigation and mobile navigation side by side. As a designer you should be able to imagine how a website navigation will appear on different platforms. A good website navigation will be understandable and easy to use on all devices, including mobiles, tablets, and personal computers. You may also be interested in some of these previously posted freebies: Website Menu, Web Page Menu, Website Navigation Bar and Dropdown Menu Template.

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