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<p>Now I don’t claim to be better than Google designers. But, hey, nothing wrong with a bit of experimentation with concept designs. So here I am with a concept design of the Google Talk software.</p> <p>There was a time, before social media made its presence known over the Internet, when IM or chatting software were all the rage. Modern IM clients offer better features and full integration with other social media formats.</p> <p>This IM client concept <a title="Design PSD" href="">design PSD</a> can be used as an inspiration for any IM software design development. You can change the Instant Messaging software <a title="Logo Templates" href="">logo</a>, name, <a title="Icons" href="">icons</a> used, as well as the color scheme.</p> <p>And I don’t mind if you want to replace my picture with yours. But don’t forget to give me some positive rep.</p>