Posted Oct 22, 2011. Author/ by. 20 Seamless Plaid Patterns for Illustrator - You may remember several months back when I became obsessed with plaid patterns. The first set of plaids that I released on this site turned out fairly well in my opinion but to be honest I was never fully satisfied with how the second set of plaids turned out. In the second set, I decided to add a twill overlay on to the patterns but not all of the sets turned out exactly how I imagined. In fact, some of the twills didn’t repeat seamlessly which is something I always had a problem with. That is why today I am releasing a set of 20 Seamless Plaid Patterns for Illustrator. Each pattern swatch is completely vector and can be used for just about any purpose including fashion design, graphic design, package design, web design, or whatever else you can think up. You may download these swatches below for Illustrator CS and above

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