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Yen, Dollar, Pound, Rupee, Riyal, Dinar or Franc; the world runs on money. Today we are literally bringing the money to you with our collection of these amazing currency symbols. If you want to know how world currency is displayed as units, then these money currency symbols will definitely help you. You might recognise many of these symbols as popular currency symbols and might get to know some new ones as well. Use these money symbols for getting acquainted with world currency and on all your currency related design work, if they are economy and business related websites, or blogs, or anything to do with money! These will work well for all your money related designs and you won’t have to search a currency symbols vector from different sources. Save this free currency symbols vector and use it for your next project. These currency symbols will make you wish to travel the world and exchange real money, but for now, enjoy these money currency symbols! Conclusion: Travel the world in currency mode by downloading these wonderful currency symbols vector. They cover almost all currencies of the world and this will prove to be a unique, handy freebie for your money, economy and business related design work.