Transparent Business Card Template free vector by

<p>I have shared two business card templates with you in the past. This is the third business card template I’m sharing with you today.</p> <p>This card is different than the old card templates in not only its design but also the final output it is intended for. This is meant to be a plastic visiting card with one transparent half. A <a title="Logo Templates" href="">logo</a> has been added on the transparent half. This can be the logo of your organization. The other half of the card has the card holder’s name, designation, e-mail, and web address. Of course, you can change this information or even the layout based on your requirements.</p> <p>You can also check out the previously featured business card freebies: <a title="Permanent link to Double-Sided Business Card Template" href="" rel="bookmark">Double-Sided Business Card Template</a> and <a title="Permanent link to Free Business Card Template" href="" rel="bookmark">Free Business Card Template</a>.</p> <p>I hope you’d like today’s business card freebie too.</p>